Which brand of paint do you use?

I use traditionally-made oils. I love the purity, depth of colour, long drying time and feel of traditional oil paint. I use predominantly Gamblin or Winsor and Newton brands.

What is your colour palette?

My color palette is constantly evolving. I love to experiment and choose colors that I think will work with the subject matter. I like to be surprised at how colors interact with one another.

I general I will usually have:

Titanium White, Cad Yellow Light / Medium and Deep, Quinacridone Red,

Ultramarine Blue. Pthalo Blue, Viridian, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber and Asphaltum. I add different reds into the mix depending on the painting.

Lately I have been experimenting with Gamblins radiant range and some of those are becoming part of my permanent palette.

What medium do you use?

I do not use any kind of mineral spirits for painting - I use predominantly linseed oil as my medium. Sometimes I use walnut oil or safflower oil depending on the drying time I want.

What is your painting surface?

For smaller paintings I use gessobord or linen panels.

For pieces over 24" I use stretched canvas.

Describe your process.

I like to take some time working on the composition before I start.

Sometimes inspiration can be almost instantaneous; other times it evolves from a long thought process over months.

I'm always moving objects around my house, on shelves and tables - sometimes I catch things in a certain light or position that works well. I like to play around with light, backgrounds and color combinations.

I want to create images that evoke an experience - nostalgia or a snapshot in time, therefore the composition stage is very important to me.

I paint alla prima, - I prefer to complete the bulk of painting while all the layers are still wet. After the painting is completed I live with it for a while, usually propped up in my kitchen where it can catch my eye - at this point, sometimes I will make some minor adjustments.