I paint predominantly in oils. I love the lush creaminess of oils and the depth and intensity of pigment achieved through this traditional painting method. I like to portray a little bit of nostalgia with a contemporary edge. I love to share my work and bring a little touch of joy into people's lives through original and authentic art. To keep things fresh I also paint in watercolor and mixed media.

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My work is strongly inspired by the coast, florals, vintage ceramics, glass and enamelware.
My first artistic influence from childhood was American artist Edward Hopper. I continue to be inspired by contemporary and traditional artists.

I worked in Graphic Design before gaining an arts degree at Manchester Metropolitan University in England, and then a follow up teaching qualification teaching Design and Technology. I had a brief stint in ceramics before finally settling on painting. ​I studied oil painting at the Art Students League of New York and continue to attend workshops with artists I strongly admire.

I retain a love and strong bond with art history. I'm fortunate to live close to New York City and I have spent the last five or six years involved in my local community hosting gallery visits and tours.

I'm also known to teach classes and workshops, here and there!

Thank you for taking a look!